Everything Emoji!

Did you know that emoji literally means picture (e) + character (moji)? The little smileys, hands, and pictures of animals got their start in Japanese text messages and websites and are now ubiquitous across messaging platforms apps across the internet. In this playlist, you'll hear stories of how people are using emoji to communicate, how some pictographs came to be, and how emoji are changing.

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Me and My Girlfriend Texted Only in Emoji for a Month - New Tech City


Why 140 Characters, When One Will Do? Tracing the Emoji Evolution - NPR


Inside the Mind that Translated Moby Dick into Emoji - New Tech City


A Look Inside the Emoji Craze - Here & Now


In Beta Release, Apple Introduces New, Racially Diverse Emojis - NPR Morning Edition


A Canadian flag emoji is included among Apple's new, racially-diverse icons - PRI's The World


Canadians Love Poop, Americans Love Pizza: How Emojis Fare Worldwide - NPR Morning Edition


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