Science and Fiction of Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a 2015 sci-fi thriller and directorial debut from Alex Garland. It's the story of a talented programmer who spends a week performing Turing tests with a humanoid robot named Ava. In this playlist, you'll hear reviews and criticisms of the new movie, interviews with screenwriter/director Garland, and breakdowns of the science and technology behind the story.

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'Ex Machina': Standout Sci-Fi Film About Artificial Intelligence - NPR Morning Edition


Ex Machina Film Reviews - KCRW


Review of Ex Machina - Review the Future


Alex Garland - The Science of Ex Machina - Inquiring Minds Podcast


Ex Machina (2015) - Flickering Myth Podcast


Ex Machina Director Alex Garland Says, Love Your Robot - Studio 360


Ex Machina Asks If a Robot Can Think -- And Is She Coming On to You? - Voice Film Club


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