Shine Bright like a Diamond

How valuable are diamonds, really? How did they become associated with marriage? How good are forgeries? This collection of stories touches on all aspects of diamonds: the marketing, economics, science, art, and politics. You'll hear about the diamond conflicts in Africa, the man who creates masterful diamond fakes, and what happens when one couple wins a free diamond.

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Diamonds: The Conspiracy - Stuff They Don't Want You To Know


Why do women wear diamond engagement rings? - Stuff Mom Never Told You


Meet the man who counterfeits the world’s most famous diamonds — legally - Public Radio International


'Natural' vs. 'Cultured' Diamonds - NPR


Digital Bling: Diamonds For Sale Online - All Things Considered


Looking for Untainted Diamonds in a Violent World - All Things Considered


The Guilt of 'Blood Diamonds' - NPR


Zimbabwe’s Diamond Fields - BBC World Service


Sierra Leone's Diamonds Still A Source Of Contention - Morning Edition


How Diamonds Work - Stuff You Should Know


Diamonds are a Marriage Counselor's Best Friend - Freakonomics


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