The Decisions of Parents

I'm not a parent myself, but when I heard the first story in this playlist, "43 & Pregnant", I knew I wanted to hear more stories about the decisions that go into becoming - and not becoming - a parent. These are stories of biological parents and adoptive parents, straight parents and queer parents, new parents, old parents, and non-parents. All touch on the personal decisions and challenges they struggle with when deciding whether or not to start a family.

For people who like: parentsbirthadoptionlgbtqstorytellingmedium listens


43 & Pregnant by Lee-Anne Ekland - The Lapse Storytelling Podcast


Sue Adam and her daughter Deborah Dimasi - StoryCorps


Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl - Radiolab


How to be a Pregnant Butch - The Longest Shortest Time


The Small Person Acquisition Project - The Current


IVF: Suzanne's Story - Long Haul


Biological Clock - The Truth Podcast


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